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The RyTek Medical Team

Get to Know Us

Ryan Halter, PhD

CEO and Founder

Ryan is a leading innovator in the field of impedance-based technology. He develops biomedical devices that utilize impedance technologies in a wide variety of pathologies including traumatic brain injury monitoring, early stroke detection, cancer sensing and imaging, and dental surgery guidance. Aside from being the Founder and CEO of RyTek, Ryan is also an Associate Professor of Engineering at Dartmouth College.

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Alicia Everitt, PhD

CTO and Partner

Alicia’s specialization and experience Is with the development of impedance hardware, software design, system validation, and clinical integration, specifically in the field of intracranial trauma. In addition to her technical background, Alicia also has extensive training in project management and translating technologies from the lab to the clinic. She recently received her Ph.D. from Dartmouth College where she was an Innovation Fellow.


Nathan Halter

COO and Head of Finance

Nathan brings training in both economics and management to RyTek Medical's core team. Nathan's experience in business management, market adaptability and finance offer key insights alongside Ryan and Alicia's technical backgrounds medical device development.

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